Thursday, August 11, 2005

Wizard World Chicago Pictures 2005

Kevin and I went to the Wizard World Chicago show this past weekend and apparently, Providence smiled down upon us, because we were granted non-leper status in regards to our Artist's Alley location. Artist's Alley has grown quite a bit at Wizard World, since it's cheap, fairly well-travelled during the con, and unlike San Diego, not juried. That is to say, you pay your fee and you get a table, no matter how crummy your comic is. Things seem to have changed this year, however, because there were three Artist's Alleys, two of which were on the main floor, and one which was in a side room... up a ramp... on the way to the role-playing game tables... and only kind of visible to passersby. I believe it was mostly to house the C-listers, but convention stalwart Steve Lieber was mysteriously excommunicated to this barren land due to a mixup with his application, and has never been seen again (by me).

We were about to write this convention off in terms of great costumes; I mean, San Diego and CONvergence have all the jedis, Pikachus, Syphon Filter ninjas, and Red Shirts, but do either of them have a Vinyl Captain America? We found him in our aisle, presumably in search of his archenemy, the San Diego-based Cake Captain America. I asked him if he was a trifle hot in that suit, and he said that he was so hot that every time he would move his hands, streams of sweat would shoot from between the stitching on his gloves. Wow, superpowers!

Kevin did a worthy job of manning the booth when I was away to take a picture of the front of the booth. Well done.

Kevin was then arrested by TIE fighter pilots, who I don't think have any authority here. Somebody alert the sand-covered stormtroopers with the orange shoulder pads! These guys are in their jurisdiction!

The booth across from us was selling airbrushed paintings of popular comics characters and selling them for outrageous prices. This piece, which you can see over my shoulder, depicts a triumphant Dr. Doom squashing the crap out of Mr. Fantastic and grabbing Sue Storm by the hair while holding a pistol. A marvelous interpretation! And according to their sign, it sold during the show for $300. Likely. So, so very likely.



At 7:31 PM, Blogger Mercury Studio said...

Dude, C-listers were on the main floor with the rest of the human race. Check the program and you'll note that Hall B was explicitly reserved for prostitutes, the infirm, mental patients, gamers and me.

At 1:05 AM, Blogger Shad Petosky said...

It's a comic convention and your recent decent into fitness and health probably had them concerned. No one wants to see that, it's bad for nerd stigma.


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