Monday, May 01, 2006

"Diary of a Cartoonist" Breaches Literal SFX Code.

I used to think I was different and special by using literal sound effects. You know, if someone is punching a guy, the SFX will be "Punch!" instead of "Bam!" etc. Pretty clever, right? No. I ran across this YouTube "show" called "Diary of a Cartoonist" where this guy talks about tough issues like racism while he draws a comic strip at high-speed. Anyway, in episode 7 he talks about using literal sound effects and says that "everyone's doing it." Thanks a lot, dude, you breached the number one comics code, that if you talk openly about a sweet new comics move then it will instantly be uncool. There goes my career. Literal SFX were all I had. Thanks a lot. Or "Thanks alot" since I may as well have never learned to write.

Here's the link. He breaches the code toward the end.


At 2:06 AM, Blogger tim sievert said...

Kevin your the best at it.


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