Wednesday, November 01, 2006

First Ammendment Gallery

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You should go to every show they have from here on out.

I went to the second show at the First Admendment Gallery last night and feel like this space is the visual heart of Minneapolis. Sure, we have The Walker, but they rarely show local's a high roller escapist gallery. The OX-OP was here, but they primarily piggybacked on the established LA scene. FA is a homegrown space that is painting its movement with a very large brush. Low Brow Art, Comics, Printmaking, Gig Posters, Design, Music...boundaries get erased in this basement filled with booze and live music. On both nights that they've run opening, not only did I see a who's who of Minneapolis' rising talent but there were pleny of introductions and not much for ego... Scenester observations aside...go for the great art at working man prices.


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