Saturday, December 16, 2006

Photos from the BTA party.

BTA’s Christmas party last night was a delicious success. If I’d known Shad's wife was such a good cook, I’d have stolen her away from him a long time ago.

My camera didn’t see much action because I was a tad on the drunk side, but here are a few that I did manage to take:

Zander with his lovely family

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Britt tolerating me

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Kevin and Zander are getting ho-ho-hongry for some eats! Get it?

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I don’t know what it’s called when you dump good food all over the table but I do know that it was FANTASTIC.

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Seriously, it was probably the best shrimp I’ve ever had…

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Lastly, here’s Tim mourning the death of a good crab

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Hopefully, Shad will post more later because I’m pretty sure he took better photos than this. Anyway, thanks to Anna for making a fabulous dinner and letting us mess up your house!


At 12:21 AM, Blogger Brittney Sabo said...

Wow, I think this is the most pictures I've ever been in on the blog ALL AT ONCE.

Man, and that crab was good!!!

Looks like Christmas WAS saved afterall!

At 2:54 AM, Blogger Shad Petosky said...

Yeah, see mom..I told you Brittney was real.

Also, I told you pinchy-fish were real.

At 7:45 AM, Anonymous Shad's Mom said...

I believe in Brit...

I'm not sure I believe in the pinchy fish.

Poor Tim, all dressed up and no where to wipe his fingers!

At 10:01 AM, Blogger Julie said...

Julia, I salute you for being one of the first to not photograph my double chin. Great pictures.


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