Thursday, June 21, 2007

Sketch Challenge: 700 Zombies

The Cannon boys are cartoonists. That's what they are and what they do. They draw all day and dream about drawing all night. They can draw anything you can think of. They will draw things you have never heard of. They will draw a box. They will draw in socks. SKETCH CHALLENGE GO!

Today the Cannon boys are contributing to the 700 Zombies Flickr pool.

251. Timothy the Shoeshine Boy

Poor ol' Timothy. He just wanted to make an honest living for his nine brothers. But one of them went to public school and came home with the plague. Now his shoes, once his pride and joy, are nothing but a burden. How sad.

46. Frodo the Nine-Fingered

Apparently this person "Frodo" is based on a book or movie character or something. However, the only film I've ever seen is 1993's "The Good Son," so I decided to model my zombie after Macaulay Culkin's fictional brother in that film, Elijah Wood.



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