Sunday, September 16, 2007

Uptown Girl Presents

UPDATE: "Uptown Girl Presents" will be available at FallCon, but in limited supply.

Here's a 2-pager I made for Bob Lipski's "Uptown Girl Presents." Not sure when this anthology is coming out, but seeing as Bob is the most prolific cartoonist in Minnesota, it'll probably be coming out soon.

Right now, a lot of you are probably thinking "Hey Kevin, it looks like you used a .80 rapidograph to crosshatch the title panel, while everything else was done with a .60. What gives?" You're so right. I inked the body of the story with a .60 (#2) but kept having flow problems. In frustration I bent the nib, little by little, until the thing finally snapped right off. Fortunately I had saved the title panel until the very end, so I finished that off with a .80 (#3). So now I have to go drop $25 on another .60 -- to replace the SECOND one I've broken in three months. I have to be more gentle or I'll go broke.

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