Saturday, March 01, 2008

Consider This Your TWO WEEK NOTICE

Lutefisk Sushi -- that mini-comic event that seems eons away -- is right around the corner! In fact, cartoonists have until MARCH 15 to submit their comics.

Fortunately, the Sushi Team has created a handy interactive website to answer your Sushi-related questions. On the site you'll find the TWO FORMS you need to fill out and sign (one from Int'l Cartoonist Conspiracy and one from Altered Esthetics), info about the OPENING RECEPTION on May 2nd, and a chance to PUNCH HELICOPTERS in an unrealistically slow manner.

Please help spread the word on your blogs and newsletters:

Thanks to the handful of folks who've submitted their comics, and we look forward the barrage of sequential art over the next two weeks!



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