Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Wesley Morse Presentation This Thursday

This THURSDAY, swing by DIAMOND'S at 8:00pm to hear Kirk Taylor give a presentation on Bazooka Joe creator WESLEY MORSE.

Steven Stwalley puts it this way:

In addition to our usual jam this meeting, we will have a special presentation by Kirk Taylor on cartoonist Wesley Morse. Morse was the creator of Bazooka Joe, and an uncredited illustrator of many of the best examples of the notorious tijuana bibles. In many ways, Morse was the prototypical underground cartoonist. Kirk’s presentation will feature works from the Taylor-Morse collection, a unique collection of beautifully illustrated love letter cartoons that Morse wrote to Kirk’s great aunt, chorusgirl Avonne Taylor. Read more on the Taylor-Morse collection website. The presentation will begin at 8:00. Thanks much to Puny Entertainment for providing the space and projector for the presentation!

More info here.

Morse's Tijuana Bible cover, above, is from tijuanabibles.org, which is a great site to check out if you're a few years older than Matthew Kriske.


At 9:05 PM, Anonymous Steven Stwalley said...

Note the Trylon and Perisphere on the lower left of the cover... the suggestive symbol of the 1939 World's fair in New York. Morse is credited for another one that took place at the fair that can be seen here:


Dammit, Kriske, don't click that link!

At 11:12 AM, Blogger staplegenius said...

So lemme get this straight....

Making fun of Kriske online = ok

Putting Kriske in tijuana bible-like situations on paper = bad

I don't understand the world anymore.


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