Monday, March 16, 2009

T-Minus Featured As Junior Library Guild Selection

Zander and I (and Jim) were excited to learn recently that the Junior Library Guild has picked T-Minus: The Race to the Moon as a Junior Library Guild Selection for Spring 2009. JLG highlights soon-to-be-released books that they believe will provide "excellent reading experiences for children." We know what a great book T-Minus is (because we've been living and breathing it for the last year) so it's exciting that JLG feels the same way!

The recognition from JLG includes a write-up in their monthly magazine:

[ click for larger version ]

I should stress, though, that while the "official" age range for T-Minus is listed as 8-12, the Junior Library Guild recommends it for grades 7-11 (ages 12-17), and we here at the studio feel like there is nothing about the book that skews terribly young.  From the candle-lit sketches of Tsiolovsky to Germany's V-2 rockets to the various disasters and successes of US and Soviet rockets, it's a well-rounded introduction to the space race. And in Jim Ottaviani's capable hands, the whole epic story is seen through the eyes of two NASA engineers, Max Faget and CC Johnson. So don't let the age range scare you away!

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