Monday, June 22, 2009

Tom Spurgeon & Alex Dueben Interview Kevin Cannon

I recently chatted with comics journalist and long-time Far Arden supporter Tom Spurgeon about life, love, and comics, as part of the CR Sunday Interview series. So if you want to learn about the time I lived in a theme park for three weeks, or get a behind-the-scenes look at a Far Arden easter egg, then this is the interview for you.

And I got so caught up with the MoCCA convention and the launch party that I failed to post about this interview with Alex Dueben at Comic Book Resources. Alex and I get down and dirty about the creation of T-Minus and Far Arden, and how I ended up at Top Shelf.



At 3:13 PM, Anonymous Carl Nelson said...

Awesome interview Kevin - it was nice to see how in-depth those guys were with their questions. Also, almost did a double take when I saw my name in the text. Crazy! I actually have a blog/website up now with comics and sketches if you and Zander ever want to take a peek. I think there's a drawing of the Attic posted on it somewhere too. Anyway, congrats on the book and all the good press! Best wishes to both of you, -Carl


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