Wednesday, March 31, 2010

CONTINUITY GUY Book Release Party This FRIDAY!

Local comics legends BUD BURGY and DANNO KLONOWSKI have finally wrapped up their 45-week serialized time-traveling, universe-shifting, gender-bending space opera, and they're throwing a party to celebrate! Bud and Danno will be on hand at Altered Esthetics this Friday night to celebrate the release of CONTINUITY GUY, which they've collected into a beautiful little book. The cover, I should note, is of my doing and I look forward to seeing how it looks in person.

Here's more info on the release party, which coincides with the opening reception of Altered Esthetic's art show, "Creative Collaborations."


At 5:50 PM, OpenID greatfire said...

once again, if by implication it was not made clear, GORGEOUS cover man.

the colors are astounding too. i've never seen gray used so effectively. jealous grrr


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