Monday, September 12, 2005

Action City Tourists

It was a busy work weekend for BTA, but that doesn't mean we didn't have fun! On Friday we went to Wisconsin to work on-site at the family fun center we're designing, Action City.

Here are Zander and Kevin at our branch office in Action City, it's about 52,000 square feet larger than the attic we're working in now. In two months, they're replacing our office with an indoor GoKart track. BUT! We get to keep our stapler.

Concerned that one day isn't enough for the work that needs to be done, Zander and Kevin devise a time travel scheme...

IT WORKS! Another Big Time Attic production secret let out of the bag, email us to ask about teleportation to keep convention costs down.

But who needs teleportation when you can...bound.

We didn't mess around the entire time though, here is Zander "beeeeing the wall." That's themeing!

After our day at Action City, we stayed another day to attend a Comic, Gaming, Model Kit show hosted by Rob at Eau Claire Comics. What a great host! The show was well attended by children, and while I expect to be driven nuts at cons by 45-year-olds certain about who would win in a fight between Spider-man and Aquaman*, three-year-olds make it bearable.

*"spidor-man and aja man would not fwight! day are fweinds!" - Devlin


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