Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Comics Art Show in Albert Lea THIS SUNDAY

It's a bit of a drive from Minneapolis, but definitely worth it. Zander and I, as well as Puny artists and Conspiracy members have art in the show.

Opening Reception: Sunday, August 5, 5-7pm

Here's the press release from Maxeem:

"Panel, Line and Letter: Black and White Selections from Modern
Widwest Comics"
August 5th - 30th (08/05 - 08/30)

Albert Lea Art Center
242 South Broadway
Albert Lea, MN 56007
(507) 373-5665

Free to the public.

Maxeem curates for the first time to celebrate his Minnesota comic brethren. Through the month of August, original pages by over a dozen Minneapolis and greater-state cartoonists will be on display in the historic opera palace of Albert Lea. See the frontier of the artform through the culture-piercing eyes of Steve Stwalley, Will Dinski, Kevin Cannon, Tim Sievert, Dank!, and many more. Opening on Sunday the 5th from 5:00-7:00PM.


Cartooning Tips and Tricks: How to Straighten Your Drawing in Photoshop

Whoops, you scanned your drawing in crooked. Here's how to fix it:
(click the images for full screen shots)

1. Choose the Measure tool

2. Click and drag the Measure tool against a line on your drawing that SHOULD be flat. Here I'm lining it up with the bottom edge of the drawing. Click and drag on either end of the Measure line in order to adjust the line. TIP: give yourself lots of space on either edge of the drawing -- this helps with accuracy.


4. Holy cow, Photoshop has calculated the exact measurement FOR you! Click OK.

5. You're done. If you want to quickly check whether it's straight, make a quick box with the Rectangular Marquee tool (press M on your keyboard).


Monday, July 30, 2007

Big Time Attic: The Comic

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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Call for Submissions: The Eric Lappegard Anthology

We know it's short notice, but please consider drawin' some comics for ALLEY CAT: CATS ON BIKES(with Ninjas) a tribute to Eric Lappegard, an anthology celebrating Eric Lappegard's life and interests. All money raised from the sale of the books will go toward his very steep hospital bills.

Here's the short of it:

1. SUBMIT ART TO THE ANTHOLOGY by August 15th. Details HERE.

2. SUPPORT THE LAPPEGARDS by buying an anthology, buying a compilation of Eric's work, or buying original work at the auction on September 8th. Details HERE.

Thanks! We can't wait to see your submission!


This is our 500th Blog Post!

...and we'll celebrate by posting this portrait of Ben Edlund.


Saturday, July 28, 2007

More Comic Con 2007 Pics: Todd Klein and Fans

Congrats, Todd Klein, on your Eisner win.

And, completely unrelated:


Thursday, July 26, 2007

Zander Cannon: Live from San Diego

Zander shipped himself off to San Diego yesterday, and you get to witness his Comic Con antics via his phone camera!

Kaimei pen- refillable. We need to get some of these.

Neal Adams

Stay tuned for more through the week and weekend...
(Is that Stuart Moore hiding on the left?)


Monday, July 23, 2007

Eric Lappegard update

We are truly sorry to announce that Eric has passed away. Here is the most recent journal entry from the CaringBridge website his family set up:

I want to let everyone know who was thinking and praying for Eric, that he passed away this morning about 3 AM. We are very grateful for all the thoughts and prayers Eric received during this time.


Big Time Attic: The Comic


Sunday, July 22, 2007

Scumbag Nation

What awaits you at this week's Comic-Con?

Hundreds and hundreds of free mustache rides.

Make sure to swing by booth 1830 and visit the great King Mini and the just-as-great, but taller, Sam Hiti.


OC Marsh's Digs

My wife and I drove through New England last week and had a great old time . We contemplated getting a photo of JD Salinger-with-shotgun at the end of his driveway, saw a great Maxfield Parrish exhibition in his home town, took walks along the seaside, and ate lots of crustaceans. (favorite menu item to say ridiculously = Quahog) We also drove into New Haven, CT to see Yale and stalk OC Marsh...one of the key figures in our graphic novel "Bone Sharps, Cowboys, and Thunder Lizards."

Our first stop was the prestigious Peabody Museum of Natural History build by Marsh's Uncle George Peabody at Marsh's persuasion. This building isn't the original Peabody Museum, it was demolished in 1917, but this one houses many of Marsh's finds and the famous Age Of Reptiles mural. (my second grade teacher gave me a huge copy of this that was supposed to go up in the classroom. It was a freebie which got me excited about going to school for a good half-year afterwards. Thanks Mrs Stevens!)

We then took a long stroll to find Marsh's house, also built with his Uncle's money. (Panel from page 134)

His house turned out not to be that hard to find. Though...Kevin...you forgot to draw the air conditioners. This is now "Marsh Hall" and houses the School of Forestry & Environmental studies. The eight acres of grounds behind it is now the Marsh Botanical Gardens.

Unfortunately the interior had at some point been made institutional. This is the once great main room where Marsh entertained Chief Red Cloud and Alfred Russel Wallace. Marsh's antiquities and natural collection filled this house, it would have been beyond glorious.

120 years too late! (Panel from page 134)

A few areas give you a sense of how it may have been.

Like the view of New Haven from the third floor deck.

But there is little getting away from it being stale offices.

All the beauty is buried.

So is Marsh, not far from Eli Whitney and Noah Webster in the Grove Street Cemetary.

If you thought Marsh was a bit of a blowhard while living. (click image for larger view)


We ended up spending the night in New Haven at the beyond-great Hotel Duncan a few blocks from The Tomb, the headquarters of the Skull and Bones Society. It's easy to spot their nefarious designs for world domination in the work of their members such John Kerry, Gorge W Bush, and Paul Giamatti. We'll go soft on the discussion of the Bonesmen, as one of these three men bought a copy of Bone Sharps, (thanks!) and also so that we don't go bankrupt and die this week.

New Haven was also cool because they were filming the new Indiana Jones movie there. Here's an interior set of a dining hall that they decked out like a library that Indiana rides a motorcycle through. There are a bunch of great photos on Flickr that show how they 1950ized Chapel Street for the Film.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

City Pages "Comix Issue" -- Spotlight on Minneapolis Cartoonists

You've got one week to pick up your free copy of the City Pages "Comix Issue," inside which you'll find comics from yours truly and Zander.

Thirty-some Minneapolis cartoonists submitted work for the issue. In the end, City Pages published ten artists in the print edition and many more in the online edition. The print version includes:

Ken Avidor
Matthew Kriske
Zander Cannon
Kevin Cannon
Michael Furious
Steven Stwalley
Andrey Feldshteyn
Kevin McCarthy
Curtis Square-Briggs
Bud Burgy

Zander and I were secretly hoping that they'd print our comics next to each other and lo and behold:

You can read the comics on City Pages website by clicking on the thumbnails below:

Happy reading!


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Cartooning Tips and Tricks: Favicon (Address Bar Icon)

What's the deal with those little symbols in the address bar of most websites, and how can I get one?

That's the question I set out to answer a few days ago. I've wanted one for a long time, but assumed it would be a frustrating and time-consuming endeavor. Turns out it was pretty easy. There are several good tutorials online, but here's Big Time Attic's quick and dirty summation:

1) Create your symbol. Size doesn't matter -- just make sure it's a square. Save as a jpeg.
2) Go to Favicon from Pics.
3) Click "Choose File" to select your image.
4) Click "Generate Favicon.ico."
5) Click "Download Favicon."
6) Unzip your Favicon folder and drag "favicon.ico" into your root web folder (wherever you keep "index.html" for your website).
7) In "index.html", place <link rel="shortcut icon" href="favicon.ico" > between your header tags. Example:

<link rel="shortcut icon" href="favicon.ico" >

And that's the bare bones of it. You'll notice (as of right now) that the Big Time Attic main site has a favicon, but not the blog site. When I was playing around with my personal site I found that putting the favicon in the root folder was enough, and that eventually all the subfolders "grabbed" the favicon and used it. I have no idea what's really happening, but I'm going to sit on the BTA favicon for a day and see if it "spreads" to the blog page. Wishful thinking never hurt anyone.

If anyone has any more advanced tips regarding favicons (or "flavorcons," as I like to call them) please let us know!


Monday, July 16, 2007

Big Time Attic: The Comic

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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Watch for Zander at the TICK booth ...

Sharp-eyed readers may remember that Zander's first professional work was three issues of The Chainsaw Vigilante, a Tick spinoff. With the Tick's big 2-0 coming up, Zander was asked to do a one-page story for a celebration book, and he without hesitation said yes. So check out the NEC Press booth at Comic-Con 2007-- Zander will sign books that are 3.1% his work!

From The Beat:
YES! At this years San Diego Comic Con International 2007 The Tick will be turning 20 years old! To help celebrate this momentous occasion there will be a special signing held throughout the Con for The Tick’s 20th Anniversary Special Edition #1. Making signing appearances at the NEC/Tick Booth (#1807) will be nearly two dozen artistic contributors to this very “SPECIAL” comic book. Each writer or artist is scheduled to sign for at least ONE HOUR. This is a once-in-a-lifetime event, so come by and visit us at Booth 1807 to be part of Tick history in the making!

The following is the list of contributors who are scheduled to sign at the NEC/Tick Booth (Updated 7/12/07):
Ben Edlund
Erik Valdez y Alanis
Simon Bisley
Zander Cannon
Gabe Crate
Dave Garcia
Paul Hornschemeier
Matt Howard
Jason Jensen
Matt Kindt
Brian Miller
Bob Polio
Chris Reilly
Trina Robbins
Scott Shaw
Bill Sienkiewicz
Arthur Suydam
Nicole Poole Suydam
Robert Tinnell
Cory Walker
Mark Wheatley
More names may be added!
Note: Day and time will be posted at The NEC/Tick Booth #1807. This schedule is subject to change so please check with us!

MORE BIG NEWS! In addition to The Tick’s 20th Anniversary Special Edition #1 signing, NEC will have on sale two Limited Tick San Diego Con T-shirts, one featuring Simon Bisley’s fantastic cover art and the other, the awe-inspiring cover design by Arthur Suydam.

Also on sale will be the LIMITED Tick’s 20th Anniversary Special Edition #1 Simon Bisley sketch cover comic book as well as the VERY LIMITED San Diego Con cover variant EDITION of “The Tick’s Comic Con Extravaganza #1″, written and drawn by fan-favorite Sean Wang.
Above image from comicbookconventions.com


Lake Calhoun Sketches

Pentel pocket brush pen
Pro Art 4x6" sketch book

Saturday, July 14, 2007

SUCCESS! Attic Conquers Prince Valiant Puzzle

Ken Avidor donated this puzzle last week, and at the time he wryly suggested that some of the pieces may be missing. He could have told us that the two missing pieces were laden with text!

If you've got some time this weekend, please help us out by suggesting what text should fill the black holes. The transcript (as is):

Panel 1:
"...... AND _______ ETTLED

Panel 2:
"IF DANGER T ________ RT

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Eric Lappegard Involved in Seattle Accident

Our friend and co-conspirator Eric Lappegard was recently involved in a car accident in Seattle, and is in the hospital with severe injuries. Eric dropped by the BTA studio last week to submit a cartoon for an upcoming event (which we'll announce on the 18th), and he told us about his move to Portland, OR. Please check out the links below to find out how Eric is doing, and what you can do to help out.

Things to note:

Steve Stwalley set up a thread on the Cartoonist Conspiracy blog to discuss Eric's situation and ways to help him.

Eric's family set up a website to discuss Eric's condition.

Interested parties are having a meeting at Diamond's this coming Tuesday, July 17. We're going to organize a benefit for Eric as well as create a huge jam get well card.

Eric's wesite (where Danno has been filling in recently): www.ericlappegard.com

From Eric's "DFL" mini-comic in the Lutefisk Sushi Volume B Box.


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Zudacomics.com Buzz

Keep an eye on Zudacomics.com, DC's new online imprint. They've garnered a lot of buzz over the last few days for their model of a vote-based system which pays creators for their content -- probably a novel concept for most webcomics creators.

Since most webcomics (I'm guessing) are hosted by creators who can afford to post their comics for free, it'll at least be interesting watch the market-based system at work, and see which types of comics capture the interest of online readers.

Read more:
Publishers Weekly

Note: Big Time Attic is employed by DC Comics.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Far Arden: Chapter Ten

Witness the latest installment of Far Arden, a novel of love and regret in the Canadian arctic.

In chapter ten ... Everyone heads for Boothia College, Shanks gets in a fist fight, Alistair finds a telescope, and Hafley gets hit on by a babe with a beard.

Read Chapter Ten.
Start from the beginning.

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Big Time Attic: The Comic

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